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TAKO Mega Construction

About Us

Our Introduction

Tako is one of the leading factory construction companies in India. It's a Korean based company, which undertakes structural and fabrication works. The name of the company is the combination of two languages. The first two letters 'T' and 'A' are from the first two letters of Tamilnadu and the last two letters 'K' and 'O' are from the first two letters of Korea. It was established on December, 2006. The register office of the company is located at Sriperumbudur. The admin office and the fabrication unit is located at polivakkam village, Tiruvallur District.

Background of the Company

Tako has huge history of constructing big industries. (E. g. HMI phase II, Dymos India, Daechang seat India, Lotte India foods, Global Stamping and welding work etc,) Within a short span, Tako transcended the limits of the field and proved that it has the ability to go beyond the boundaries in this field. Today Tako mega construction stands out from its competitors.

CEO of the Company

The CEO of the company is Mr. Yong Cherol Kim. He is from South Korea (Republic of Korea). He was born on 10.12.1958. He arrived in India with a vision of establishing a constructional company in the year 2012. The vision of Mr. Kim was finally got succeed in the year 2006. From then on, Tako has become one of the most valued companies.